Entry and Exit Strategies Falcon comes with well tested conditions and signals that you can apply to any of over 300 indicators to make your entry and exit rule. Field of technical analysis is filled with lots of ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, from astronomy to magic formulas.

We also take lots of efforts to keep price and volume data clean and dependable. You can use ready strategies or use combinations of conditions to build custom strategies. Our support staff is extremely knowledgeable and can help you in converting your ideas into an automated decision system.

We stick to only those techniques which can be expressed objectively.

We add every indicator only after proper understanding and validation of the concept.

Years of experience has taught us the advantages and limitations of Technical Analysis.

Field of technical analysis is filled with lots of ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, from astronomy to magic formulas.

With Falcon you will be able to achieve the goal of removing emotions from your trading.

You will be much more relaxed and resourceful while trading. There are many websites which will give you free charts.

You have to compete with professional traders and their computer algorithms which looks at rates objectively. You want to move from emotional trading to objective trading decisions. Analyze the market and get insights as never before.Our backtesting and scanning tools empower you to assess and fine-tune the effectiveness of your trading strategies before putting your money on the line. You can do rule based trading using one-touch or auto mode.Automating any directional medium frequency strategi was never so simple. Maximize your Returns Now you can automate order quantities, stop levels and trailing stops.While a single chart gives you details about one symbol, the Scanner allows you to spot opportunities among thousands of symbols.You can use complex selection rule and keep scanning at a frequency of your choice.

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