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Reed bordered lakes, visited by migratory birds on their trek to the northern tundras.Huge Lake Baikul, visited by all the demons of the upper air.Women, it is true, could sit on the left side, but at a distance, and the boys and girls had to fit in where they could. The able-bodied men taking the first portions, and the aged and the women received the pot next, finally the children had to fight for bones and sinewy bits. The end of winter was the worst of all for the Mongol children.

The children learned to organize hunts of their own, stalking dogs and rats with clubs or blunt arrows.The horse herds were in their charge, and they had to ride far afield after lost animals, and to search for new pasture lands.They watched the skyline for raiders, and spent many a night in the snow without fires.His father's sworn brother was Toghrul Khan of the Karaits, the most powerful of the Gobi nomads, he who gave birth in Europe to the tales of Prester John of Asia.The Gobi Desert, lofty plateaus, wind-swept, lying close to the clouds.

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