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I've seen some post about going to website to download the sound driver for win10 from there but I am not sure about the correct link for Timeline X 3830TG sound driver. Hello, I am using a Radeon HD 6800 series card with Windows 7 64bit on an asus motherboard with Pentium core i7 processor.Finding a single culprit could be a lengthy process.Whatsmore I think it's all Windows updates, I downloaded IE9 once and that did it, Windows Essentials, random security updates too. What was happening was that update was installing a sound driver that it thought I needed, which was actually incompatible with my system.If you don't hear sound after completing the tasks above, then the driver for your computer's sound card could be out-of-date.Many sound card manufacturers frequently update their software drivers.Microsoft Fix It checks for things like whether it's been accidentally disabled or muted, which it has not.

Codecs are algorithms for compressing audio and video data. Sometimes, Adobe Premiere Pro can't decode files that were encoded with a poorly designed codec or a codec that is not installed on your computer.

On the right side, the empty box indicates that the Audio 1 track is disabled: Verify that individual clip's volume is not muted or low.

For instructions, see Adjust track volume with keyframes (CS6) or Monitor clip volume and pan using Audio Clip Mixer (CC).

My friend has the same laptop as me (colour and all) and his has no problems, one difference between our is that I chose an additional sound card with mine, rather than having to put up with the average standard Dell model, which may well be the thing which is buggering everything up.

try to uninstall and re-install new drivers see link (get the correct one 64bit / 32bit) you can try as well the website of the card manufacture for drivers.

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(Try MPEG Streamclip or Quick Time Player with the Quick Time Pro upgrade.) Then, import the transcoded files into Adobe Premiere Pro.

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