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She now had long raven-dark hair with white streaks in it, a pierced left brow and a pierced belly button, a couple of tattoos and black polished nails. Her relationship with Mom and Deb remained like it had always been but with me...

(*If you look up: 'Gates the Opening Ulya' on Google images then you can see a pretty good resemblance of what I had in mind) Body wise she had also changed in those five years, now think of a combination between my Mom and Deb. Yes, my older sister was a totally knockout, a beautiful female specimen I would have to say. She became distant, it was like she tried to ignore me for some reason.

Yes, I looked a lot like my father, short dark hair, at least a head taller than my Mom and Sisters and I had a huge ten-inch cock, flaccid...

Okay I lied, it was around seven-and-a-half inches when fully erect, still, I was pretty proud of it and my girlfriend did not complain.

About a head shorter than me, dirty-blonde shoulder length hair, amazing ocean blue eyes and she certainly had 'meat' on her but in all the right places.

Let's just keep it simple, she was a very good looking woman for her age of forty-one years young, stacked enough where it counted." "So you must be thinking, my father was a very lucky man... WAS a lucky man, until he decided to cheat on her five years ago with a much younger lady.

One thing we still had in common was our ability to see through people.

Casey also sensed that there was something odd about Mom's boyfriend, an oddness that came to light since she returned." "And last but not least, me!

It was an emotional goodbye for us at that time, and I won't lie to you, we both cried when the day came for her to leave." "But last month she was suddenly there, at our front door, and she changed a lot.I studied economics at the local university here and was doing pretty good for myself.I also liked to keep myself fit, I went to fitness and I had my morning runs, runs that I did alone most of the time but sometimes a friend or my sister Debby would join me.And believe me, several of my friends reminded me daily of it, to them she was the so called 'MILF' of the neighborhood.And to be completely honest, she lived up to that nickname.

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