Physical attractiveness and communication in dating

“It is rating your conversation partner in comparison to ostensibly available others.” One interpretation comes from economists’ General Evaluability Theory.

It says you become committed when you think you’re in the driver’s seat in your choices.

LAWRENCE — The old saying that beauty is only skin deep is borne out by a new study from a team of University of Kansas researchers, the results of which should give Tinder users pause before they swipe left.

In the study, to be published in a forthcoming edition of the journal Communication Studies, Associate Professor of Communication Studies Jeffrey Hall and graduate student Benjamin Compton found that people’s perceptions of potential dates’ attractiveness goes up after they have a positive face-to-face interaction.

Specifically, the purpose of this study was to analyze perceptions of physical attractiveness after a single communication event.

The central purpose of this study was to determine whether a single interpersonal communication event could influence perceptions of physical attractiveness in a dating environment.A contemporary method of dating was employed as a methodological tool for analyzing perceptions.In short, this study was completed to explore the effects of a single social interaction in an attraction relevant venue.Additionally, evaluating someone based on physical attractiveness alone tells you little about what you’ll think about them once you meet face to face.And finally, rating someone’s attractiveness before meeting them diminishes the rater’s evaluation of that person afterward, probably because the rater is comparing their conversation partner to all the other potential partners they saw online.

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“You reduce your evaluation of your conversation partner because you saw more attractive choices that you think you could have had. ” The implication is this, Hall said: “Using physical attractiveness to sort people to date is a bad strategy.

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